5 Tips For A Better ProSnap Business Headshot

When getting your ProSnap Business headshot done, you of course want it to look great. There are some things that you can do prior top the session that will help to get the best results. Here are 5 tips for a better ProSnap business headshot.

  1. Choose clothing that draws attention to the face. – Most business headshots will be used for social media, business cards, or promotional materials. If the image is too busy, the the subject of the image, your face, will get lost in the confusion and the message will be lost. Wear clothing that has minimal or no patterns. Neutral, mid range tones tend to work best. Decide what you are going to wear for the session a day or two before your ProSnap session is scheduled.  Do not leave it to the last minute to decide what to wear. If you are not sure if something will work, bring it along with you, but make sure you bring extra outfits as well.
  2. Dress for your companies image. – If your normal dress at work is casual, then dress that way for your headshot. But, if your normal dress for work is a business suit, then that’s what you should wear in your ProSnap business headshot. Your headshot must be congruent with your business.
  3. Don’t change your hairstyle the day before the session. – If you are planning on changing your hairstyle, do so a couple of weeks before your ProSnap headshot session. This way, you will have time to get use to the new style and if you decide you don’t like it, it gives time for you to change it.
  4. Skin – Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water the week before your session. This will help to keep the skin smooth. Exposure to the sun can make you look tired and your skin blotchy so avoid long exposure to the sun prior to your session. Wear makeup as normal and avoid shinny makeup. The more matt the finish, the better.
    Shaving can cause red blotchy skin as well. Try to shave at least three hours prior to the session to give time for the irritation to go away.
  5. Give Yourself Time – Plan extra time around the session so that you can be relaxed when you arrive and be able to stay longer if the session runs a little longer than expected.

Here is a bonus tip, if you have some favourite music, bring it along. We can play it on the studio sound system. Have fun and enjoy your session.

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