Meet Len Grinke

In 1984 I opened a studio in North Vancouver, BC, Canada and began my career in portrait photography and wedding photography. Since then, I have had many great adventures and have studied and learned with some of the worlds best photographers - all of this leading to four National Accreditations in photography, a Masters of the Photographic Arts degree, and many, many happy clients.

I now operate a home based studio. This allows me the freedom to create portraits that go beyond what I could do when I was confined by the hours of a store front retail studio. Having a home based studio allows me to push my creativity in all new directions. I love it when a client comes to me with an idea behind a portrait. I can then take my many years of experience and training to create an image that tells that story. It is a very rewarding process for both the client and myself.

I have always been open to sharing my knowledge and experiences with other photographers and have been teaching for many years now at local colleges. I also run photography workshops through my studio. By teaching, I can do my part to help insure that the art of photography will continue to grow, and remain viable as an art form for future generations.

Len Grinke, MPA