Meet Len Grinke

My journey as a photographer started with photographing weddings - a lot of weddings. It only made sense though. I had been recently married myself and was very familiar with what my clients were going through. I knew what was important to them on their wedding day, I knew how to capture it, and I knew that if I was photographing their wedding, their photography would be one less thing that they would have to worry about.

However, I originally did not set out to be a photographer, I set out to be an accountant. In fact, for a while, I was an accountant. But as life journeys often go, there was a problem. I could not put down my camera. So, as a side hustle, I started working weekends for a wedding photography studio. It did not take long for me to figure out that I was meant to be a photographer and immersed myself into it full time. After a while, I owned the studio.

As life is, I have moved through many different phases and I believe my portrait photography has reflected those phases, bringing me to where I am now. I am a 35 year veteran of people photography. Young people, older people, families, business people, dogs, I love to photograph them all. I have photographed portraits throughout North and Central American as well as in England, Hungary, and China.

So now, after 35 years, 4 national accreditations, and a Masters of the Photographic Arts degree, I am thrilled to be married to the same person I married at the start of my career, and am still loving meeting and photographing people.

Len Grinke, MPA