I am so very very over the moon with the photos.

You have truly made my month! Thank you again for your amazing talent and generosity

Giselle Clarke-Tenaman

We all have a story we would like to tell. At Len Grinke Photography, we approach fine art portraits photography as story telling. Our goal is to help you tell that story through photography and create a custom art work specifically designed for you.

Fine Art Conceptual Portraits from Len Grinke Photography is truly unique. We have created these portraits for teens, tweens, business people, families, seniors, and everyone in between. They can range from realism to fantasy, reaching beyond the realm of traditional portraiture and into the fresh, unconventional realm that is required to create a piece of fine art.

All Fine Art Portraits starts with a concept. That concept is then developed through collaboration between the subject and the artist. The final result is an incredibly unique and individual art piece.


These photos look….WOW!!!

Sabrina Smai

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