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Headshots Are Important

A professional business headshot holds immense importance in today’s competitive corporate landscape. It serves as a visual representation of an individual’s personal brand and professionalism. And because we live in a world where first impressions are made swiftly and often online, a well-crafted headshot is an invaluable tool for establishing credibility, trust, and approachability. It acts as a cornerstone of one’s professional identity, whether it’s for networking on platforms like LinkedIn, contributing to company profiles, or appearing in marketing materials. A professional business headshot will communicate a sense of competence and reliability, instantly capturing the attention of potential clients, employers, or business partners. It conveys a message of seriousness and investment in one’s career, enhancing opportunities for networking, career advancement, and creating a lasting positive impression in the corporate sphere.

“Your headshot is a
crucial part of your personal brand.”

Just wanted you to know that I have been receiving a ton of compliments on my headshots!!

Jacob Strigan

Headshot FAQ's

Where are you located?

I am located on Braemar Rd. in North Vancouver, BC. All headshot sessions are by appointment only. Once you are booked you will get the full address, parking instructions, etc.

What does it cost for a headshot?

A single person studio headshot session with me is $190. Each headshot that you want from that session is $195.

Do you have different rates for groups or companies?

I do have special rates for organizations of five or more people. Email me, and I will send you the information.

What should I wear?

What to wear is usually case dependant. You can refer to my “Preparing For Your Portrait” article for some tips. Alternately, you set up a free consultation with me and we can discuss some ideas specific to your needs.

Should I get my makeup professionally done?

I highly recommend that women have their makeup professionally done prior to the headshot session. Be sure to let the makeup artist know that the makeup is for a headshot portrait session and make sure that the makeup artist is experienced in doing makeup for photography. I have a couple of makeup artist that I have worked with that I can refer you to if you like.

Do men need makeup?

No. Men’s headshot are more textured and light differently than women’s headshot. If you have questions about this, please give me a call.

Will I receive all the shots we take?

No. See my rates for an explanation of what you will receive.

What about my hair

Your hair should be prepped and ready to go when you arrive. If you have booked a makeup artist, they may also be able to help you with this.

Should I get a haircut?

It is probably a good idea but make sure to get it cut a few days before the session. This will allow the cut to settle in and look natural but not freshly cut. 

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Cancellation or rescheduling require notice of a full 48 hours prior to your appointment for a refund of your reservation fee. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

All session are prepaid and can be done online through Visa, Mastercard, or direct debit. Cash works too.

Are my headshots retouched?

All of your selected files are retouched. Retouching includes under eye softening, skin smoothing, and blemish removal.

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