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"Your professional headshot is a crucial part of

your personal brand." 


Your professional image is key to your success. Don't let an ineffective business headshot photography get in the way of your businesses performance. High quality, professional business headshot photography will make you look more professional in the eyes of your clients, and, having a professional business headshot is critical for adding value to your business or online presence. A professional business headshots is a cost-effective way to supercharge the face of  your business.

Just wanted you to know that I have been receiving a ton of compliments on my headshots!!

Jacob Strigan

I have been providing high quality business headshot sessions in Vancouver since 1988,  giving me years of expertise photographing a variety of personalities, body types and faces. The professional headshot sessions are casual and are known for getting great results quickly.

I limit my business headshot photography session to two a day - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I schedule this way so that we can all be able to relax. But, I’m not going to keep you there any longer than you need to be (I know you’re busy), but I also do not want to rush your headshot session because there is somebody else booked to be photographed immediately after after you. Your business portrait will get the attention it deserves and needs in order to get your headshots to fit your needs. As important as the lighting, posing, composition of the shot is, I'm experienced enough that we can get all of those things right in a few minutes. The part of the shot that takes time, and is the most important ingredient, is the expression. It's much more important to me to produce quality work that you get value from and that I can be proud of than to cram as many clients through the door as possible.

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Every person has different needs. For this reason, I do not package images together with the base commission. This makes sure that you are getting what you require from your session - neither too few or too many images. Instead, you choose what you need on the day.

Studio Business portrait base commission is $245.

This includes:

  • In studio photography session
  • Unlimited outfit changes
  • A pre-session planning package and phone consultation to discuss clothing and style.
  • One on one post session advice for image selection

Selection of your images is done at the end of the photography session. Once we have completed the session, we will sit down together and go through the images. This puts you in complete control of the final cost depending on how many images you select.

Professionally retouched image files - $50 per image

I'm fully committed to making sure your headshot is the very highest quality and is working for you and representing you in the way you need it to, while making you look great. A huge amount of my business is based on referrals. My aim is for you to leave the shoot and tell your friends all about your new headshots and what a great experience it was.

We will start photographing headshots again on May 19. In order to maintain the best practices and minimize the risk presented by Covid 19, all business portraits will be photographed on location. The normal location fee will be waved.

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