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A North Vancouver Based Boutique Portrait Photography Studio.

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Fine Art Portraits

Family Portraits

Business Portraits

Fine Art Portrait Photography

Portraits that range from realism to fantasy. They reach beyond the realm of traditional portraiture and become an artwork that is designed and created specifically for you.

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Sabrina Smai

.....It brings me so much joy. It is is beautiful work of art on your part.

William Scudamore

Family Portrait Photography

What do you surround yourself with to remind you of the people you love? A family portrait by Len Grinke Photography is not only a beautiful piece of art to display in your home, it is a constant reminder to the members of your family that they are important and they are loved.

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Business Portrait Photography

Business portraits that show who you are now, what you are now, and what your business is about.

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...Your Awesome. thanks so much...

Kerry Vega

Len Grinke Headshot

Meet Len Grinke

When I started, I photographed weddings - a lot of weddings. It only made sense though because I had been recently married myself and was very familiar with what my clients were going through. Therefore, I knew what was important to them on their wedding day, I knew how to capture it. I also knew that if I was photographing their wedding, then their photography would be one less thing that they would have to worry about...... (more)

A Message From Len Grinke

British Columbia is moving into stage three of the COVID-19 recovery plan. But, during this time of recovery, Len Grinke Photography is here to create those special portraits for you. While my goal is to create the best portrait photography possible for my clients, it is paramount that I also do everything I can to create a healthy environment to create those portraits in.

To this end, I will be limiting my session to two a day - one in the morning, one in the afternoon. This will give me time to travel between locations as well as make sure that my gear properly cleaned and sanitized.

I look forward to creating a portrait for you.

Stay safe.

Len Grinke, MPA